The City of Langley is a municipality in Metro Vancouver. It lies directly east of the City of Surrey, adjacent to Cloverdale, and west of the City of Abbotsford. It is located between the Fraser River (N) and the U.S. border (S). The City of Langley is not to be confused with the larger Township of Langley which surrounds it on the north, east and south.

Early European settlement in the area was known as "Innes Corners" (after homesteader Adam Innes); in 1911, the area became known as "Langley Prairie." The numerous small communities later came together as Langley Township, but owing to its more urban development and related needs (such as street lights), the City of Langley decided to separate and incorporate as a separate municipality on March 15, 1955.[1]

The City of Langley is home to six Elementary schools and one Middle school (H. D. Stafford Middle School). Future high school students from this catchment area may attend high schools in the surrounding Langley District Municipality.

The City of Langley is served by The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (Also known as Translink). Translink operates the regional transportation network and is also the regional transportation authority. Langley is served by 7 Regular bus routes, and 5 "Community Shuttle" routes operating smaller capacity mini buses. The Fraser highway is one of the major east-west corridors servicing the City of Langley and the Township of Langley. The 502 bus route operates on a 15 minute headway (7-10 minutes during rush hour) from the Surrey Central Skytrain station in north Surrey to the Langley Centre bus loop in the City of Langley via Fraser Highway, with every 2nd departure continuing through the Township of Langley to Aldergrove. The other major routes include the 320 Surrey Central Station (via Cloverdale), 341 Guildford (via Cloverdale, & Newton), the 364 Scottsdale (via 64th avenue), the 501/590 Surrey Central Station (via 200th, Walnut Grove, during morning rush hour the route originates in Brookswood as the 590, and runs express past Guildford Exchange. In the PM rush hour, there is a bus every 15 minutes from Surrey Central, where every other bus is a 590 to langley south, and the alternate is a 501 going only as far as walnut grove.), and then there's the 595 to Maple Ridge, the bus runs express limited stop service along 200th street, and across the golden ears bridge.