Pitt Meadows is a city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada and a member municipality in Metro Vancouver. Incorporated in 1914, it has a land area of 85.38 square kilometers and a population of 17,410.

Pitt Meadows is largely a flood plain town, sandwiched between the Pitt River on the west and Maple Ridge on the east. To the north, Pitt Lake is the largest fresh water tidal lake in the world, connected by the Pitt River to the Fraser River, which is the southern boundary of Pitt Meadows. The Pitt River flows backwards at high tide and has created a delta where it joins the lake. The northern sector of the flood plain, closest to Pitt Lake, is largely a peat bog including a large wildlife refuge.

On the west side of the Pitt River is Port Coquitlam The main portion of the town of Pitt Meadows is bisected by the CPR mainline. As of 2003, the CPR intermodal yards and distribution centre west of the town centre are being expanded.

TransLink's West Coast Express commuter trains connect Pitt Meadows to Vancouver and Mission. There are height restrictions on buildings due to the proximity of the Pitt Meadows Airport to the southeast, although the recent proposal for a 10 story building less than 2 kilometers from the East-West runways puts those restrictions in doubt. In 2003, the airport was undergoing expansion to support scheduled passenger service for short-haul prop-driven planes. The airport is also home to a skydiving school, as well as a number of other businesses.

The Golden Ears Bridge, completed in summer of 2009, connects Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge with the communities of Langley and Surrey south across the Fraser River. The bridge is operated as a toll bridge; Translink has stated it would take over 30 years for the bridge to be paid off via tolls. Construction of the new Pitt River Bridge, connecting Pitt Meadows with Port Coquitlam to the west, was completed in autumn 2009